Innovative Settlement Solutions

Cambridge Galaher Innovation and expertise are the keystones of Galaher Settlements. With Settlement Specialists located throughout the United States we bring a wide array of structured settlement services to the negotiation table.

Along with our expertise in structured settlements, Galaher Settlements has a division dedicated to Medicare Set Aside Trust Services. Self- insured entities, insurance companies, attorneys and claimants partner with us to bring about creative and reasonable settlement solutions.
Cambridge Galaher We constantly strive to maintain the highest standard of customer service, and continually expand our technological resources to make this happen. Our State of the Art systems allow us to respond quickly and accurately to your requests for proposals, individualized reporting and settlement documentation.

Our relationships with all the major structured settlement annuity providers give us the ability to provide competitive quotes from the highest rated companies in the industry.

From our prospective, our client's interests are always at the forefront. With innovation and expertise we bring resolution.